Developer Consulting

Establishing successful body corporates for your developments


Although setting up a new body corporate for your project may initially feel daunting, you can count on our support throughout the entire project, from the initial planning stages to the establishment of the body corporate.

Design and Planning Stage


Getting us involved in the early stages ensures that your project runs smoothly from the start and reduces the risk of compliance and design issues. We can:

  • Advise you on the design of the body corporate
  • Attend your project coordination meetings to ensure that your development team understands the body corporate structure
  • Prepare supporting reports on the future structuring and operation of your development
  • Provide you with unique options for future management arrangements
  • Advise you on what’s involved with good community management
  • Advise on caretaking and letting design incorporation
  • Reviewing and advising you on the provision of utilities and utility invoicing
Design and planning

Sales and Development Phase


With our team’s extensive background in accounting and financial services, our assistance in the sales and development phase is invaluable. During this phase we offer:

  • Calculation of administrative budgets and levies relevant to your project
  • Preparation of a sinking fund forecast for your complex
  • Calculation and explanation of lot entitlements
  • Reviewing and providing you with operational advice on:
    • Community Management Statements (including by-laws)
    • Building Management Statements
    • Caretaking and Letting Agreements
    • Utility Management Agreements
  • Preparation of your Body Corporate Managers Agreement
  • Assisting your sales team in providing advice to prospective buyers
  • Preparation of Tax Depreciation Schedules for your prospective investors

Body Corporate Establishment Phase


Your handover to the first owner committee will be an effortless process, as we:

  • Convene the first general meeting within the legislated timeframes
  • Advise on your obligations when handing over a body corporate
  • Facilitate clear communication between yourself and the owners
  • Preparing books and records
  • Procuring insurance including an Insurance Replacement Valuation
  • Procuring legislated fire evacuation plans and training, and workplace health and safety audits