What Every Committee Member Needs To Know About Quorums


What’s a quorum, we here you ask?

In this blog post, we discuss everything that Body Corporate Committee members need to know about quorums, voting and meetings.


The 5 Ways That Bodies Corporate Can Go Horribly Wrong


For the most part, bodies corporate are financially sound, well managed, and have a great mix of residents.

Sometimes though, they don’t and the results can be incredibly costly and stressful.

In this blog post, we break down the five main areas were troubles can arise in your body corporate.


Everything You Need To Know About Building Management Statements


What is a Building Management Statement (BMS) we hear you ask?

In this blog post, we provide a general overview of the purpose of a BMS. We also dive into some of the technical aspects of establishment and operation, as well as some of the key legislation that governs your rights and responsibilities.


What’s The Difference Between A Building Manager, A Property Manager and A Body Corporate Manager?


If you’re an apartment owner or renter, or intend to be one, this blog post is for you!

It is easy to get confused by who does what with all the jargon flying around.

In this blog post, we break down the differences between a Body Corporate Manager, a Building Manager/Caretaker and a Property Manager.


The Role Of The Body Corporate Committee

This blog post covers everything you need to know about the role of the body corporate committee, and the rights and responsibilities of all members.


What You Need To Know About Pets In Body Corporate

This blog post offers some simple but important information surrounding pet accommodation in body corporate schemes.


How To Part Ways With A Bad Body Corporate Manager


If you’re concerned that your scheme is being poorly managed, this blog post details the easy five step process you can use to part ways with your bad body corporate manager. (more…)

Help! I Have A Dispute In My Body Corporate!


This blog post reveals the simple 3-step process of dispute resolution you can follow to ensure that your dispute is resolved quickly and professionally. We outline exactly what your obligations are as a body corporate member and hopefully inspire you to build better relationships in your scheme. (more…)


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