Building stronger, better connected communities

Managing your community alone can be an exhausting process.


Staying informed on current legislation, trying to manage levy payments, convening regular meetings, ensuring rolls are kept up-to-date – the list never ends. Our role is to support you in these tasks and help you build a stronger, better connected community.

Partnering with Adpen Strata guarantees you a professional and experienced team that are dedicated to maximising the value of your asset. Our team will support you in regulatory and compliance matters, drawing from years of experience in establishing and managing highly successful Body corporates.

Regardless of your location in Queensland, get in touch today to allow us to support you in the management of your complex.

Adpen Strata is the solution to the growing need for stronger, better connected communities. We’re continuously striving to build greater communities by encouraging effective communication and supporting our clients with our highly personalised services.

Our expert team draw from years of experience in body corporate legislation and compliance to ensure the success of your assets. We understand the complexities of strata management and are here to help you increase the value of your property with our proven systems and procedures.

Now managing over 40 complexes across Queensland, we are confident that we can assist you in the management of your property. Get in touch with us today to start building your stronger, better connected community.

Maximising your property asset




  • Performing tasks efficiently with systems and checklists derived from 70+ years of experience
  • Systems in place to attend to urgent matters and resolve immediately
  • Return phone calls and emails within a timely manner with systems to ensure there is no unanswered correspondence.
  • Dedicated professional staff who are committed to your strata
  • Systems and checklists in place to ensure compliance with legislation
  • Information systems and record keeping for ease of data access
  • Secure servers and backup drives for all information
  • Sufficient support staff and resources to keep records up to date
  • Provide you with advice to empower you to make the right decision about your body corporate
  • Affiliated property development division with in house body corporate management
  • We build and manage our own properties and have repeat buyers and clients

Save you money


  • Using our integrated management, payment and administration systems to reduce our time and your costs
  • Our 27 point health check designed to save you money
  • Using in house technical experts such as accounts managers, solicitors and engineers
  • Provide as little or as much extra advice or services as your request of us
  • Offer alternate solutions with cost savings
  • Paperless systems with secure local and remote servers and backup infrastructure

Protect your asset


  • Provide assistance for maintenance works from our inhouse professionals
  • Notify and handle adverse onsite conditions that affects your property
  • Provide our professional opinion through 70+ years of experience
  • Property development company integration with long standing clients